Stefanie Bauer-Vemuri

Working to create impact

Based out of India, I work with organizations and their teams in emerging and developing countries of Asia and Africa to design and implement solutions that can make an impact to address some of today's biggest challenges. As an anthropologist and economist, trained in organizational development, design thinking and innovation management, I apply a systemic and human-centric approach to problem solving and work on solutions on the organizational, industry and ecosystem level.



Research > Consulting

I use a range of tools and methods to help clients make sense of unknown contexts, understand new users and stakeholders, and design impactful solutions for challenging questions. Using mostly qualitative and user-centric research techniques, I help clients discover, design and test new opportunities for innovation . I work across sectors to support clients in the design and implementation of change processes, organizational development, strategy consulting, and impact evaluations.


Facilitation > Moderation

Trained in design thinking, participatory facilitation as well as innovation management, I help clients to facilitate and moderate change processes - whether it is a team session, an innovation or co-creation workshop, a session at a conference, or a more complex organizational change process. Together with clients, I develop the right formats and methodologies that help to achieve the intended results and outcomes.


Project Management

My project management experience ranges from leading multi-year projects under the framework of bilateral development collaboration to consulting projects of different time frames - from multiple years to a few weeks. Trained in systemic organizational development and managing complex cooperation systems, I take a 'system approach' to project management.

Featured Project

Driving towards circular fashion in India

India's apparel and textile industry is one of the key sectors, providing income and employment to many - however, it is also one of the most polluting. At the same time, India with its growing middle class is becoming one of the major 'fast fashion' consumer markets. In my role as Associate Partner at Intellecap, I have designed and am currently leading the 'Circular Apparel Innovation Factory', an initiative that aims to co-create innovative products, processes and business models that can drive India's fashion industry towards a more circular growth path. Using a design thinking approach, we help brands and other value chain stakeholders to ideate, prototype and launch circular innovations through partnerships and collaborations. This initiative is supported by The DOEN Foundation, a Dutch foundation committed to driving circular entrepreneurship.

Themes > Sectors

With a focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and organizational change, my work cuts across sectors. Working with clients that aim to increase their impact in emerging and developing economies, my previous sector experience ranges from healthcare, financial inclusion, and agriculture to cross-cutting themes like impact investing, private sector development, or sustainable fashion.


Whether it is working with an individual startup, a team or department within a corporate, or an ecosystem player, entrepreneurship and venture building is often at the core of the work.


Whether it is identifying the opportunity, helping in the design of a new product, service or business model, or facilitating collaborations and partnerships to co-create new solutions, innovation is always at the heart.

Organizational Change

Whether it is helping a startup team or a corporate team to drive a dynamic innovation culture or help executives to initiate an institutional change process, organizational development is in the center.


Organizations aiming for impact

Over the past 10 years, I have worked with a range of organizations - from large corporates and multinational companies, governments and public institutions, bi- and multilateral development agencies and foundations, industry networks and associations, financial institutions and private investors, to innovators, startups and small and growing businesses. Some of the clients I worked with include Argidius Foundation, Bosch, Boehringer Ingelheim, the City of The Hague, Canopus Foundation, THE DOEN Foundation, the Dutch Good Growth Fund, Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), GIZ, FHI 360, PWC, Shell Foundation, Microclinics Technologies, SIEMENS Foundation, UNDP, Unilever and USAID.


Stefanie Bauer
91 Springboard Goa
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